Laser Vision Correction

The future of vision correction is here today with custom guided Laser surgery.  Using the most advanced techniques available our Cornea Fellowship trained eye surgeons are giving our patient’s the greatest freemdom from glasses and contacts through LASIK and PRK.

Laser vision correction is painless and fast, with quick recovery times.  Our surgeons only perform 100% blade free Laser Surgery.  

Dr. Fileta & Dr. Wei have performed more LASIK than any other surgeons in Lancaster County. Crystal clear vision is critical for everyday life, should you settle for anything less?

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Dr. Fileta and Dr. Wei are both fellowship trained Cornea Specialists, they did advanced training in laser vision correction and cornea transplants. Most LASIK doctors have not completed this intensive year or extra training. It enables them to handle any unforseen circumstances and ensure you get the best vision possible. Would you trust your eyes to anyone less then an expert Fellowship Trained Cornea Surgeon?
Laser vision is more affordable today then it has ever been! We don’t advertise “cheap” LASIK and then add in $1,000’s of extras along the way like many other LASIK centers. We only offer the best, the latest all laser technology to our patient’s, the same fair price for everyone. When you consider the cost of glasses or contact lenses over the next few years, the cost is very similar. We offer affordable treatments and work with Care Credit that can offer no interest financing to help you pay for your LASIK/PRK. Laser vision correction is also covered under your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA) and is a great way to use left over funds so that you don’t lose it!